With the recent acquisition of GE Critical Power, ABB expanded their footprint within the UPS and power conditioning market. ABB has already developed a well known brand within control systems, drives (VFD), medium/high voltage solutions, switchgear, and many other segments of the electrical field.

ABB Single-Phase UPS Systems

Ranging from 1 - 80kVA, the ABB Single-Phase UPS lineup provides a wide voltage range perfect for any computer room or network application.

  • PowerValue 11LI UP

  • PowerValue 11LI Pro

  • PowerValue 11

ABB Three-Phase UPS Systems

Ranging from 10kVA - 5MVA, ABB offers a full suite of three-phase UPS options accessible for data centers or Edge IT deployments.

  • PowerScale 33

  • PowerWave 33

  • DPA UPScale Series

  • Conceptpower DPA Series

ABB Medium Voltage UPS Systems

The PCS100 MV UPS provides complete power protection with low cost of ownership that is ideal for large manufacturing or mega data centers. Contact CIS today to investigate the retrofit possibilities for this unit.

ABB industrial UPS Systems

ABB’s Cyberex PowerBuilt UPS is designed to support the complexities within today’s downstream refining, upstream processing, petrochemical, power generation, and other industrial markets with growing demand.