Battery Monitoring Services
Offering Peace of Mind

Battery Monitoring offers 7X24 monitoring of the status of your batteries. Please contact us to see if battery monitoring is an option for your system.

Battery Maintenance Options
Keeping your Batteries in Optimal Condition

CIS offers a comprehensive battery maintenance option that is flexible enough to meet the most stringent facility requirements and still offer flexibility and cost effective resources to put your mind at ease. Whether you require semi annual battery maintenance or quarterly, we can custom build a program that will ensure that your batteries are always in premium condition. 

All Battery Maintenance visits include the following:

• Check cell unit tops for cleanliness
• Check and Re-torque all inter-battery connections to battery manufacturers specification
• Check the integrity of the battery racks or cabinets
• Look for any evidence of any corrosion on the terminals and connectors
• Visual check of cells/units for cracks, leaks, and excessive bulging of the containers
• Measure and record internal cell resistance
• Individual battery load test on all units in the system to measure and record all inter-battery connection resistances on systems allowing such, using a calibrated digital micro-ohmmeter
• Provide a written report on the findings of the battery maintenance visit
• CIS will track the age of your batteries and alert you when replacements should occur, allowing you to predict replacements and control budgetary costs