Headquartered in Houston Texas, Critical Infrastructure Solutions (CIS) is committed to providing our customers with a professional and friendly single source for their Critical Power needs. We offer a wide array of problem-solving services, UPS products, design and construction solutions, as well as technical facility integration, precision project management, and on-site testing of mission-critical systems. Some highlights of our capabilities include:

 UPS Sizing, Configuration, and Turn-Key Installation

 Managed Services for Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Response

 Assessment Services to Analyze overall Design, Maintainability and Operability

 In-Row Cooling/Perimeter Data Center HVAC

 When it comes to mission-critical facilities, failure is not an option. That is why we compiled a team of data center experts in Houston with decades of critical power and cooling expertise. We work with you to ensure that your mission-critical facilities are maintained properly and provide the reassurance that a knowledgeable expert is available to address emergencies as they arise. Night and day, you can depend on CIS!

Our team 

Jim McDowell, President

Mark Baughman, Electrical Design Consultant

Brett J. McDowell, Technical Client Advocate

Brock McDowell, Technical Client Advocate

When a UPS or other critical equipment malfunctions, time is money. At CIS, we take pride in helping eliminate downtime. When an emergency does happen, it’s all hands on deck to get your systems back up and running.
— Brett J. McDowell, Managed Services